Many of the images in the portfolios on this site are available as exhibition prints, varying in size, and produced using special, archival pigment-based inks. They are printed on acid-free paper. With proper display they should have a load exceeding that of traditional, silver-based prints and are available matted on acid-free rag mat board, on for or as framed, matted prints. The edition of exhibition prints is generally limited to an artist proof and eight to ten signed prints.  Additional details and pricing are available upon request, via the contact page, elsewhere on this site.

  As the collection of photographs I have taken has grown over the years, it began to occur to me that a smaller than typical photographic portfolio, both in number of prints and presentation size, would be a way of my sharing, as well as making accessible to more individuals, images that might appeal to them.  Its scope was more manageable, and in some cases, those interested in acquiring some photographic images would be able to select images from a larger body of work.  These photographs are matted in acid free mattes and packaged together in a  custom designed linen covered box for presentation and archival storage.  Matted prints range from 8x10 inches, to 11 x 11 inches, matted.  The edition of each portfolio is limited to 12 copies.  Details and pricing are available upon request, via the contact page.