Born in Ontario, Canada, I began taking photographs of musical events and street activity in the 1960s, and later expanded to photo illustration, including for print, album covers, scientific and occasional commercial work. Along the way, I earned degrees in philosophy and medicine, but continued to expand by photographic efforts. With the advent of high quality, archival, pigment-based inks for photographic printing, it became possible to have even more control over tonal values and prints, the capture the experience of events and the urban landscape. 

It has been my privilege to participate in exhibitIon and to have my photographic work installed in a number of centers or private collections where it has been possible to share it with others. This has included: 

                Center for Photographic Arts, Carmel, California
                Walton Art Center,  Northwest Arkansas
                Art Experience, Gilbert, Arizona
                DDP Gallery, Northwest Arkansas
                Photo Methodè, Austin, Texas



Street photography began early for me, in my teens, before I had a name for it, as something that allowed me to record a scene or situation I encountered. But those early photographs were little more than visual notes on events; they did not convey what I had felt, what had drawn me to photograph them. They did not reflect my full experience of different places, seasons, times of day, of people, sound, and motion, the play of light on faces or buildings, any more than I could say what attracted me to jazz as a young man.  Later, I began to realize that photographs were not just representations of what I saw, but were two dimensional records of all my sensations; the photographs a way for others to experience what I did.  And I needed to think about it less, shoot pictures and experience what was around me.  

May, 2018
Norm Snyder