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What follows are some lists of links to the sites of a number of musicians pictured in these portfolios, as well as galleries and sponsors of photography, and music performance.  There are also some photographic sites that continue to capture my interest.  Some of these musicians and artists are well known, some less recognizable.  All deserve our support.  Like my own portfolios, this is a work in progress, changing and evolving.

                                                                                                                                                           Lionel Loueke  2009 

Jazz Muscians, performance venues and organizations                
gracekellymusic.com                               www.digjazz.com
www.ryanfourtmusic.com                        www.donbyron.com
www.cyrobaptista.com                            www.stevewilsonmusic.com
www.marktaylormusic.com                     www.massimobiolcati.com
www.brucebarth.com                               www.christianmcbride.com
www.edward simon.com                         www.jazzloftproject.org
www.lionelloueke.com                            www.bobbywatson.com
www.davidbinney.com                            www.gretchenparlato.com
www.orangethenblue.com                      www.anatcohen.com

Some photographic sites worth visiting
www.rfotofolio.com -- a site devoted to showcasing both  well known and emerging artists 
www.marla.net -- documenting the traverse of the silk road and those who live along it                                   
www.lenburnstein.com -- morocco, myanmar and other wonderful locations
www.donhousephotoworks.com -- portraits of the ozark plateau and those who inhabit it
www.theonlinephotographer.com -- a blog that highlights some of the best in photographic art              

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